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"To reinvent the status quo, we must joyfully challenge it with purpose"

Mohamed Hilal inscribed himself in the UAE’s formative story as part of the first generation of Emirati pilots flying for Emirates Airline.

He then gave up the skies to create a career pursuing a specific passion: to translate purpose and capture emotion in scent.

Thus was born a far-reaching experiment in helping people perceive the world differently through scent and smoke. The idea was encapsulated in three perfume brands, each with a distinctive personality: Hind Al Oud, Khaltat and Anfasic Dokhoon.

Perfumery is a stepping stone to Mohamed’s greater vision: to curate experiences and spaces that appeal to successful people – where the measure of success is a life filled with purpose, passion and devotion to a cause. His aim is to build an international chain of virtual cities where like-minded people gather to experience purposeful luxury.

Today, this idea of moving away from mere products to unique spaces and experiences has taken firm root in a portfolio of offerings ranging from high-end luxury stores, fashion-driven F&B spaces and a line of unique horological creations.

Mohamed’s world is defined by a powerfully simple idea – to create communities that inspire people to live in a simple, clear and joyful manner while appreciating with purpose the finer things in life.

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